near Players’ Voice

Select the games on the event list on various screens to display the Players’ Voice screen that lets you view the feelings of players about games played in the vicinity.

A )
You can vote for games you own using emoticons. Select an emoticon to select it for this game.
B )
Start applications to find out more about games
Applications that allow you to find out more about this game are displayed. Select (PS Store), to visit the purchase page for the game (if the game is sold in PlayStation®Store). Select (Browser) to display Internet search results for the game.
C )
Open the LiveArea™ screen for the game
If you own the game, select this icon to open the LiveArea™ screen for the game.
D )
Opinion graph
Players' opinions of a game are shown in a graph.
E )
(Buzz Rating)/ (Number of People Playing)
Displays the average rating of players who have played the game, and the number of these players.
F )
Select (Settings/Help) to set your range of information sharing and to view a description of the screen.

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