Trophies Viewing the trophies you have earned

To view trophy information saved on your system, listed by title, select (PS Vita).

A )
Progress in earning trophies
Select a title to view details.
B )
Number of earned trophies in each grade
  • Select (Options) > [Sort] to sort trophies, for example, by progress or grade.
  • You can save trophies for up to 100 games on your system.

Syncing trophy information with PSNSM servers

Trophy information on your system can also be saved on PSNSM servers. While the trophy information on your system is displayed, select (Options) > [Sync with Server].

  • While you are signed in to PSNSM, new information, such as information about new trophies you have just earned, is synced with PSNSM servers automatically when you have selected (Trophies) > [Start], or when you have selected (PSNSM).
  • You cannot copy or back up trophy information saved on your system to a computer nor to a memory card.

Checking trophy information on PSNSM servers

Select (PSNSM). Select a title to view details.

A )
You can switch between displaying the trophy information saved on your system and on PSNSM servers.
B )
Information about your trophies
Shows the current trophy level and progress toward the next level. Select this option to view the profile screen.
C )
Rarity of trophies

If you have registered the same Sony Entertainment Network account on a PS4™ or PS3™ system as on this system, then PS4™ and PS3™ trophy information is also displayed.

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