Restrict Use of PS4 Features

If children will be using the PS4™ system, parents or guardians can restrict the use of its features as necessary. To restrict use of PS4™ system features, select (Settings) > [Parental Controls] > [Restrict Use of PS4 Features].
You must enter the parental controls passcode to set or change feature restrictions. The default passcode is "0000".

These settings apply to all users of your PS4™ system.


You can restrict the use of games that have age limitations.
In addition to [Allow], there are 11 parental control levels. The lower the parental control number, the tighter the restriction. The default setting is "9".
The combination of the parental control level you set on the PS4™ system and the parental control level for the game determines whether a game can be played. For example, if you want to restrict use of a game with a parental control level of "4", set the PS4™ system's level one number lower to "3". Setting the level on the PS4™ system to "3" prohibits users from playing any games with a level of "4" or higher.

Checking parental control levels of games

Games on discs are sold in packaging that is labelled with rating level information. Use this table to understand how game rating levels correspond to parental control levels.
To view the parental control level for a game on screen, select the game in the content area, press the OPTIONS button, and then select [Information]. When a game has age restrictions, the parental control level will appear in the [Parental Controls] field.

Combinations of game rating labels and parental control levels

Parental control level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Approximate age of user 0 3 6 10 12 - 15 17 18 - -
North America/Central America and South America*1 *2 *3
South Africa

Australia *6
New Zealand

Excluding Brazil
Approximate age of user: 13
Approximate age of user: 17
Excluding Portugal and Germany
Excluding South Africa
Approximate age of user: 15
These ratings are not compatible with the parental control level of the PS4™ system. Set the PS4™ system's level by referring to the approximate age of users in the table above.

Blu-ray Disc™/DVD

You can restrict playback of Blu-ray Disc™ or DVD videos that have age limitations.

Blu-ray Disc™

The default setting is [Allow]. In addition to [Allow], you can select a specific age. Select a lower age to tighten the restriction.


The default setting is [Allow]. In addition to [Allow], you can choose from 8 levels. Select a lower level to tighten the restriction.

Country or Region for Parental Control

Select the country or region for the disc's parental control restriction. The default setting is [United States]. It is usually not necessary to change this setting.

PlayStation VR

You can restrict use of the VR headset.

Internet Browser

Use this setting to prevent (Internet Browser) from starting. The default setting is [Allow].

Web Filter

You can make use of a web filtering service that verifies the type and safety of sites when the Internet Browser is being used and automatically prevents dangerous or harmful sites from being displayed.

Fees may apply for the use of services.

New User Creation and Guest Login

You can use this setting to disallow guest logins and prevent sub account users from creating new users.
This will restrict others from logging in when parental controls have not been set for them. The default setting is [Allow].

Change Passcode

You can change the parental control passcode. You'll need to enter the new passcode twice.

If you forget your passcode, you must initialise the PS4™ system. Be careful with your passcode. Don't forget it, and make sure others do not obtain it.