PlayStation™Network > Signing in / signing out

Signing in / signing out

To use this feature, you may be required to update the system software.

When you sign in to PSNSM, you will be online and will be able to use various online services that are provided on PSNSM. When you sign out, you will be offline from the network.

Going online (signing in)


Select (PlayStation™Network) > (Sign In).


Enter your sign-in ID (e-mail address) and password.
Enter the sign-in ID (e-mail address) and password registered to you when you created your Sony Entertainment Network account.


Select [Sign In].
You will be signed in once you have successfully connected to the network.


You will be signed out automatically when playing a Blu-ray Disc (BD), DVD or PlayStation®2 format software.


  • Some PlayStation®2 or PlayStation® format software titles may perform differently on the PS3™ system than they do on PlayStation®2 or PlayStation® systems, or may not perform properly on the PS3™ system.
  • PlayStation®2 format discs cannot be played on some PS3™ systems. For details, refer to [Types of Playable Discs], visit the SIE Web site for your region or review the documentation that was included with your PS3™ system.

Going offline (signing out)

Select (Account Management) under (PlayStation™Network), press the Triangle button, and then select [Sign Out] from the options menu. You will then be offline from PSNSM.

PlayStation™Network > Signing in / signing out