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Viewing images as a slideshow

Each image is automatically displayed in order. After selecting the icon for a folder or media containing images and then pressing the START button, the slideshow will begin.


  • The slideshow can also be started from the control panel or options menu for an image.
  • If the slideshow cannot be started by pressing the START button, perform this operation from the control panel.

Using the slideshow control panel

After pressing the Triangle button during a slideshow, the control panel will be displayed.

Slideshow Style Select one of five slideshow display patterns.
Slideshow Speed Select one of three slideshow speeds: [Fast] > [Normal] > [Slow].
Previous Move to previous image.
Next Move to next image.
Play Start the slideshow.
Pause Pause the slideshow.
Stop Stop the slideshow.
Repeat Play the slideshow repeatedly.


When (Slideshow Style) is set to [Photo Album] or [Photo Album 2], use the SIXAXIS™ wireless controller's right stick to operate functions such as enlarging or reducing the image size or adjusting the slideshow speed.

Playing a slideshow while playing music

You can play a slideshow and music at the same time.


Start playback of music under (Music).


Press the PS button.
The XMB™ menu is displayed.


Go to (Photo), select the images or folder that you want to view in the slideshow and then press the START button.


  • If you press the PS button during simultaneous playback, the XMB™ menu will be displayed and you can change the music or images.
  • To quit, you must stop playing the slideshow and music separately. After stopping either one, select the track or image that is being played and stop playback.
  • You cannot play a super audio CD at the same time as a slideshow.
  • If (Settings) > (Music Settings) > [Output Frequency] is set to [44.1 / 88.2 / 176.4 kHz], you cannot play music content at the same time as a slideshow.


Super Audio CDs cannot be played on some PS3™ systems. For details, refer to [Types of Playable Discs].

Photo > Viewing images as a slideshow