Settings > System Settings > Automatic Update

Automatic Update

To use some features you must subscribe to the PlayStation®Plus subscription service.

When this setting is [On], the PS3™ system will automatically start at the specified time every day, perform the specified operations, and then turn off.

Off Set to not use the automatic update feature
On Set to use the automatic update feature

You can select automatic updating operations for the following items.


  • Set [Upload saved data to online storage] for each game. For details on setting this item, see (Game) > [Playing PlayStation®3 format software] > [Using saved data] in this guide.
  • After selecting [On], use the directional buttons to select the time period during which you want the automatic update to be performed. Follow the on-screen instructions if a screen appears asking you to verify the settings for your automatic sign-in to PSNSM.
  • This feature can be used on only one PS3™ system per Sony Entertainment Network account. If the automatic update feature is set to [On] on two or more PS3™ systems on the same account, it will remain [On] on the last system set and will be automatically turned [Off] on all of the other systems.
  • The PS3™ system must be in standby mode (power indicator is lit solid red) during the time period when you want the system to perform the automatic update.
  • System software update data will be downloaded automatically but not installed. You must install the system software update data manually.
  • PlayStation Plus is displayed for game patches and recommended games that have been automatically downloaded. Any content that has been automatically downloaded and installed but has not been used will be automatically deleted after one month.
  • Even if [Automatic Update] is set to [On], content will not be downloaded if the amount of free space in the system storage is less than 5 GB.
  • Set to [Off] to restore all selected automatic update options to their default settings.

Settings > System Settings > Automatic Update