Joining an event

Select (Events) from the function screen.
Select the event that you want to join.
Select [Going] on the details screen for the event.
Select the checkbox for [Auto-Join at Start Time] if you want your PS4™ system to start and automatically join the event when the event begins. When you join an event that you’re invited to by another player, (Party) starts automatically, and you join the party.
If you don’t select the checkbox, you can still join the event by selecting [Join Now] or [Watch Now] on the details screen for the event.
  • Your PS4™ system must be in rest mode to automatically start when an event begins. Even when your system automatically starts, it will enter rest mode in 30 minutes if you don't do anything with it.
  • When your system is configured to automatically join multiple events that begin at the same time, it will automatically join the last event you selected.
  • To change settings related to automatically joining events, press the OPTIONS button on the details screen for the event, and then select [Auto-Join at Start Time].
  • If another player invites you to an event with a name or description that seems inappropriate to you, you can report the event. Press the OPTIONS button on the details screen, and then select [Report].