Joining a tournament

Tournaments are events where you compete against other players or teams.
To join a tournament, you must register for the tournament in advance, and check in during the designated time on the day of the event.

Registering for a tournament

Register for the tournament that you want to join before the registration deadline. For a team tournament, the team owner or captain must register the team.

Select (Events) from the function screen.
Select [Tournaments], and then choose the tournament that you want to join.
Select [Register] on the details screen for the tournament.
For a team tournament, select a team to register, and then select who you want to join the roster.

When joining a tournament for the first time, you must enter your account information for the tournament platform provider. If you don’t have an account, create one on the platform provider's website.

Checking in

You’ll receive a notification when the check-in period begins. For team tournaments, someone from the team’s roster must check in.
Note that after the check-in period has passed, you cannot join a tournament.

Select [Check In] on the details screen for the tournament.
After your opponent is decided, [Tournament Matches] appears in [Your Events].
Select a tournament match, and then select [Join Now].
You can check how to start the match on the details screen for the match. Follow the instructions to start the match.
To report the results after the match ends, select [Report Result] on the details screen for the match. Follow the on-screen instructions.

About team tournaments

Team up with other players to compete in a team tournament. A team is made up of the following.


When you create a team, you're the owner. As the owner, only you can change your team name and cover image, or edit your team profile.


As a captain, you can act on the owner's behalf to invite players to the team or register for team tournaments. The owner can select any member from the team to become a captain.


When you join a team, you become a team member.

You can team up in either of the following ways.

  • Accept a team invitation from the team owner or captain.
  • Select (Events) > [Teams] > [Create Team].

You can also create events from the team profile screen. Select [Events] > [Create Event for This Team].