What's on the group screen

Group screen. Labeled A through E starting from the top.

A )
Group image/name/number of members
For groups of just you and one other member, the other member's image and name displays.
(Favorites) appears for groups that are your Favorites.
B )
Switch display
Players Display group members.
You can view profiles or send Friend requests.
Party Start a party with group members, or join a party that's already started. You can also view the party screen during a party.
Messages Display messages.
C )
Add Players
Add members to a group.
D )
Group Settings
Change the group name or image.
They will display only for groups of three or more members.
E )
(Attach) / (Sticker)
Select (Attach) to attach a screenshot or voice message. Select (Sticker) to send a sticker.
  • You can't open some attachments on your PS4™ system due to their format.
  • To report inappropriate messages, press the OPTIONS button, and then select [Report].