What's on the group screen

Group screen. Labeled A through D starting from the top.

A )
Group name/number of members
(Favorites) appears for groups that are your Favorites.
B )
Switch display
Players Display group members.
You can view profiles or send Friend requests.
Now Playing Display games that members are playing or parties they are in.
Messages Display messages.
C )
Operation buttons
Add Players Add members to a group.
Chat in Party Start a private party with group members.
For details on parties, see "About parties".
Create Event Create an event and send invitations to group members.
For details on events, see "About events".
Group Settings Change the group name or image.
D )
(Attach) / (Sticker)
Select (Attach) to attach a screenshot or voice message. Select (Sticker) to send a sticker.
  • You can't open some attachments on your PS4™ system due to their format.
  • To report inappropriate messages, press the OPTIONS button, and then select [Report].