Joining a party

Use (Party) to voice chat with your Friends and other players.
You can start parties while you're playing games or using other applications. While voice chatting with other players in the party, you can each play the same game, or use Share Play to share your screen and enjoy gameplay together.

  • You can also join a party from your PS5™ console or (PlayStation App).
  • A child who is restricted by parental controls can't join parties.
  • Up to 16 people can join a party.

Start a party

Select (Party) from the function screen.
Select [Start Party].
The group list displays.
Select an existing group from the list, or select [Create Group].
If you choose to create a new group, select the members and then select [Create Group].

When a group is created of three or more people, the player that created the group becomes the group owner. As the group owner, you can delete the group or remove members from the group.
From the function screen, select (Messages) and then select the group from the list. Then, follow these steps to delete the group or remove members from the group.

  • To delete the group, select the [Messages] tab and then from the options menu, select [Delete Group].
  • In the [Players] tab, select the member you want to remove from the group and then select [Kick Out from Group].

Join a party that's already started

Select (Party) from the function screen to view a list of the parties you can join. Select the party you want to join.

  • You can also select [Party] on the quick menu to start or join a party.
  • Press the triangle button to view a list of players in the current party.