Select (Settings) > [Accessibility] to configure accessibility features, such as zooming and controller button assignments.

Some accessibility settings may only be applied to certain functions or certain screens. Also, the settings may not be applied to your screenshots or video clips, or to images shown in broadcasts.

Text to Speech

Use the text to speech feature to listen to on-screen text and contextual information. Select [Enable Text to Speech] to configure settings for reading speed and volume.

  • This feature is available only on PS4™ systems sold in certain countries or regions.
  • The text to speech feature is available only when the system language is set to [English (United States)].


To enable the Zoom feature, select the [Enable Zoom] checkbox. During zooming, you can only move the enlarged area or cancel zooming.
Each user can enable this feature.

Zoom in Press the PS button and the square button together.
Move the enlarged area Use the directional buttons, left stick, or right stick.
Cancel zooming Press the circle button or the PS button.

Invert Colors

Invert screen colors.

When screen colors are inverted, the screensaver will not start.

Larger Text

Enlarge text.

Bold Text

Make text bold.

High Contrast

Increase the screen contrast.

Closed Captions

Your PS4™ system can display closed captions. Closed captioning is a form of subtitling that displays the spoken parts of a video as text. Music and sound effects are also noted. This setting is available only for content that includes closed captions.
Select [Display Closed Captions] to display the Closed Captions Settings screen, where you can configure text size, background color and other settings. To do this, you'll need to clear the checkbox for default settings.

Button Assignments

Select [Enable Custom Button Assignments] to change controller button assignments. Select [Customize Button Assignments], and then select the button you want to change.
This setting can be configured for each user.

Auto-Scroll Speed

Set the speed for automatic scrolling.

Press and Hold Delay

Set the press and hold delay for the PS button or SHARE button.

Add to Quick Menu

Add some of the accessibility settings to the quick menu. When you want to change the settings, easily access them from the quick menu.