Using the Bookmarks feature     

You can save the address of the currently displayed Web page as a bookmark on Memory Stick™ media or in the system storage. By adding as a bookmark, you can open the page simply by selecting it from the list of bookmarks without having to type in the address.

Adding bookmarks


With the desired page displayed, select [My Bookmarks] under [Bookmarks] from the menu bar.


Select [Add to Bookmarks].

Opening bookmarks


Select [My Bookmarks] under [Bookmarks] from the menu bar.


Select the desired bookmark.


Using the Bookmarks options menu

Select an item from the list of bookmarks, and then press the triangle button. At the options menu, you can view information or delete items from [My Bookmarks].

Open The bookmark will open.
Edit Change the name or address for the bookmark.
Delete The bookmark will be deleted.
Information Information about the bookmark will be displayed.