Displaying the menu     

When the menu is displayed, the title and address for the currently displayed Web page are displayed. You can also access various features and settings from the menu bar. Press the triangle button to display or hide the menu.


Address bar


Title bar


Browser security icon
This icon is displayed when the Web filtering service is active.


SSL icon
Appears when an SSL-compatible page is displayed


Menu bar
Operating the browser and adjusting settings


Busy icon
Appears while loading pages

Using the menu

Back Return to the preceding page.
Forward Display previously viewed pages. Available after [Back] has been used.
/ Refresh / Cancel Update the currently displayed page to the latest content. / Cancel the loading of the page.
Home Display the page that is set as the home page
Bookmarks Use the Bookmarks feature
History Use the History feature
Search Perform an Internet search with the specified keyword
Help Display the Internet browser features that can be accessed or adjusted directly by pressing the buttons of the PSP™ System