Using quick menu

You can set up some features in the quick menu that appears when you press and hold the PS button.

Quick menu (DUALSHOCK™3 wireless controller)

Quick menu. Labeled A through J starting from the top.

A )
Remaining Duration You Can Play Today
Displays when the duration your child can play on the system is restricted under (Parental Controls). You can view the remaining time.
B )
Select [Standby] to enter standby mode, or select [Power Off] to turn off your system.
C )
Displays when PSP™ (PlayStation®Portable) games or PlayStation® format software is in use. You can adjust the various game settings.
D )
Enable Vibration
You can adjust various controller settings. You can also enable the vibration function, turn off the controller, and change the assigned number and color for the controller.
E )
Use Touch Pointer in Games
The touch pointer feature allows you to use a controller to perform touch operations like you would on a PS Vita system. You can use it to play some supported PlayStation®Vita format software. For details on how to use the touch pointer, see "Using the touch pointer". You can also refer to the quick guide by selecting Hint icon.
F )
Master Volume
You can adjust the volume level.
G )
You can adjust the volume of songs that are being played and use (Back), (Play), (Pause) and (Next) playback controls.
H )
Disable Microphone
You can disable your microphone while you are using a microphone such as for voice chatting.
I )
Prioritize Chat Audio for [Party]
You can prioritize the chat audio for (Party) while you are in a party under (Party) and using another application.
J )
Displays when you select (Settings) > [Start] > [Accessibility] > [Add to Quick Menu]. You can adjust some accessibility settings.

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