Before disposing of your system

Before disposing of your system or buying a replacement, first delete your Sony Entertainment Network account and other information by performing the procedures in this section. This helps you to protect your personal information and prevent its unauthorized use by third parties.

Backing up your information

As necessary, back up data from your system on a device such as a PS3™ system or a computer. This allows you to restore the backed up information on a new PS Vita system. Use (Content Manager) to backup and restore data to your system.

Deactivating your system

You cannot deactivate your system after you dispose of it. Because the number of systems that can be activated for an account is limited, deactivate your system before disposing of it.
While you are signed in to PlayStation™Network, select (Settings) > [Start] > [PlayStation™Network] > [System Activation] and follow the screens.


Restoring your system restores settings to their default values and deletes all data from the system memory.
Select (Settings) > [Start] > [Restore] > [Restore This System] and follow the screens.

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