Content Manager Backing up and restoring files on your system using a PS3™ system

You can back up files from your system to a PS3™ system, and restore the files later if necessary. These settings are convenient when replacing your memory card for the PS Vita system with a higher capacity card, or when replacing your system or transferring ownership. We recommend that you back up your system regularly.

  • Before performing this procedure, you need to do the following:
    • For a PCH-1000 series system, insert a memory card for the PS Vita system.
    • Link a Sony Entertainment Network account with your system.
    • Sign up for PlayStation™Network
      Use the same Sony Entertainment Network account on your PS Vita system and your PS3™ system.
    • On your PS3™ system, close all open applications and select (Users).
  • In order to back up or to restore your system, you must close all the applications in use.


You cannot use this procedure to back up trophy information. Instead, synchronize trophy information with PlayStation™Network to store the trophy data on PlayStation™Network servers. While signed in to PlayStation™Network, select (Trophies) to synchronize trophy information.

On your system, select (Content Manager) > [Copy Content].
Select (PS3™), and then select (USB cable) or (Wi-Fi).
When you first connect using Wi-Fi, you must register your PS3™ system with this system. For details, see "Transferring data to and from a PS3™ system using Wi-Fi".
Select [Back Up] or [Restore].
Follow the screens to complete the operation.
  • When multiple accounts are linked with the PS3™ system, you can create PS Vita system backup files for each account.
  • A maximum of 10 backup files can be created for all accounts.
  • You can only restore a backup file to a PS Vita system linked with the same account as the one that the PS Vita system was linked with when the backup file was created. You can also restore the backup file to a different PS Vita system, if that PS Vita system is linked with the same account.
  • The following limitations apply to backing up and restoring videos rented from PlayStation®Store:
    • You can only restore the rented video files to the same PS Vita system that they were backed up from.
    • If you copy (move) the rented video to a PS3™ system after you create a backup of it, the video will not be restored correctly.
  • While the system is being backed up or restored, the power button, the PS button and all network features are disabled.
  • In some cases, it might not be possible to back up and restore some video files correctly.

Deleting a backup file

In step 3 of "Backing up and restoring files on your system using a PS3™ system", select [Delete Backup Files]. Follow the screens to delete the file.

  • You can also use a PS3™ system to delete backup files that are stored on the PS3™ system. On the PS3™ system, select (Settings) > [System Settings] > [Delete PS Vita System's Backup Files], and then follow the screens.
  • When you use a PS3™ system to delete the backup files that are stored on a PS3™ system, all of the backup files are deleted all at once, regardless of the number of backup files.

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