Content Manager LiveArea™ screen for Content Manager

Select (Content Manager) on the home screen to open the LiveArea™ screen for Content Manager.

LiveArea screen for Content Manager. Labeled A through D starting from the top.

A )
Action icons
Select an action icon to perform the action assigned to the icon in the Content Manager application. For details about the action icons, see "Using the screens".
B )
Select the gate to start the Content Manager application.
C )
Copy content
Select this to copy or delete content, and backup or restore files on your system.
D )
Manage Content on Memory Card
Select this to view the status of the memory card, delete applications and saved data, and manage content.
  • When the LiveArea™ screens of multiple applications are open, move the screen left and right to go back and forth between LiveArea™ screens and the home screen.
  • When on the LiveArea™ screen, press the PS button to view the index screen, on which you can view a list of open LiveArea™ screens.

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