Content Manager Copying, deleting, backing up, and restoring data (nasne™ system)

When your system and a nasne™ (Network Recorder & Media Storage) system are connected within the same network, you can transfer data between your system and a nasne™ system.
For details about the nasne™ system, see the nasne™ official website.

Before performing these procedures, you need to do the following:

  • For a PCH-1000 series system, insert a memory card for the PS Vita system.
  • Link a Sony Entertainment Network account with your system.
  • Set up your system so that it can connect to the same network that the nasne™ system is connected to.
    Your system connects to the network using Wi-Fi.

You can transfer, back up, and restore data when your system is within the range of the access point. Perform this procedure with your system near the access point.

On your system, select (Content Manager) > [Copy Content].
Select (nasne™ system).
When you connect your system with a nasne™ system for the first time, a list of nasne™ systems within the same network will be displayed.
If the list is not displayed, select [Add Device].
When connection is successful, device registration is automatically completed. A list of registered nasne™ systems is displayed the next time you perform this step.
Select the nasne™ system that you want to connect with your system.
When the nasne™ system connects successfully, the following screen appears. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the operation.
Connected to nasne system screen.
  • Even if the nasne™ system is in standby mode, it automatically recovers when you connect your system with the nasne™ system. It might take time to connect.
  • If (Media Server Settings) > [Client Settings] > [Register Clients] under "nasne™ HOME" is set to [Manual], you must go to [Client Device Management], select the system that you want to connect with, and then select [Allow].
  • Up to eight nasne™ systems can be registered to your system. To delete unnecessary nasne™ systems, select (nasne™ system) in step 2 to display a list of registered devices, then select (Options) > [Delete].
  • The video content that is downloaded from PlayStation®Store cannot be copied or moved to the nasne™ system.
  • You cannot copy themes downloaded from PlayStation®Store.

To check music, images, and videos stored in a nasne™ system

When content data such as music, images, and videos is transferred from your system to a nasne™ system, it is saved in the following folders. These folders are in a "share1" common folder on the nasne™ system. You can check the content stored in the following folders from your system.


Backing up and restoring data

To back up or to restore your data, you must close all the applications in use. Follow the screens to complete the operation.


You cannot use this procedure to back up trophy information. Instead, synchronize trophy information with PlayStation™Network to store the trophy data on PlayStation™Network servers. While signed in to PlayStation™Network, select (Trophies) to synchronize trophy information.

  • A maximum of 10 backup files can be created for all accounts.
  • You can only restore a backup file to a PS Vita system linked with the same account as the one that the PS Vita system was linked with when the backup file was created. You can also restore the backup file to a different PS Vita system, if that PS Vita system is linked with the same account.
  • The following limitations apply to backing up and restoring videos rented from PlayStation®Store:
    • You can only restore the rented video files to the same PS Vita system that they were backed up from.
    • If you copy (move) the rented video to a PS3™ system after you create a backup of it, the video will not be restored correctly.
  • You cannot back up TV shows that were recorded by a nasne™ system and exported to a system.
  • In some cases, it might not be possible to back up and restore some video files correctly.
  • You can also use a nasne™ system to delete backup files that are stored on the nasne™ system. Launch "nasne™ HOME" from any device that can access the nasne™ system, go to (Media Server Settings) > [PlayStation®Vita System Content Management] > [Delete Backup Files], and then select (Delete). When you use a nasne™ system to delete the backup files that are stored on a nasne™ system, all the backup files are deleted at once, regardless of the number of backup files. Selectively copied applications and saved data from your system are also deleted.

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