Email Adding an email account

Add your email account to your system.

Select (Email) > [Start].
Select [Add Email Account].
Select the email service you are using.
Enter the required information and select [OK].
When you complete adding your email account, a list of folders appears.
After you add an email account from Gmail™ (Google's email service) or another email service, a confirmation screen is displayed for whether you want to sync your contacts with that account. To sync with your contacts, select [Yes]. You can change this setting later under (Contact List) > (Options) > [CardDAV Settings].
  • The information you are required to enter varies depending on the email service you use.
  • For details about email account information, contact your email service provider.
  • Select (Options) > [Settings] > [Advanced Settings] to adjust advanced settings for the account you added.

Adding multiple email accounts

Up to five email accounts can be added. Select (Options) > [Settings] > [Add Email Account] and follow the screens.

Setting your primary email account

The first email account you add is automatically set as the [Primary Email Account]. When (Email) is started from another application in order to send a message, this account is used. To set the primary email account, select (Options) > [Settings] > [Primary Email Account], and then select the email account to set a checkmark.

Deleting an email account

You can delete an email account and all its messages from the memory card. Select the account that you want to delete from the list of the accounts under (Options) > [Settings] > [Advanced Settings], and then select [Delete this Email Account].

  • Deleting an email account will not delete your contacts.
  • Select (Options) > [Settings] > [Format Email Application Database] to delete the entire account and your contacts.

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