Connecting to the Internet

Your system needs a wireless network to connect to the Internet. All models can connect via a Wi-Fi network. 3G/Wi-Fi models can also connect via a mobile network.
If you do not have a Wi-Fi network in your home, you can use public Wi-Fi access points (hotspots) to connect to the Internet.

Terms of use and the costs of using public Wi-Fi hotspots vary among Wi-Fi service providers. Consult your service provider for details.

Connecting using a Wi-Fi network

Prepare the network environment for your Internet connection and save access points. For details about saving access points, see "Wi-Fi Settings".

Actual connections and settings vary depending on the network environment and devices you use. Prepare the items necessary for your network environment, such as an access point. Also refer to the instructions supplied with the network devices you use.

Wi-Fi network example

Network connection example illustration. Labeled A through C starting from the left.

A )
A wireless access point or a wireless router
A wireless access point is hardware that devices can connect to wirelessly. A wireless router is a device that provides access points and allows your system and other devices to connect to one Internet connection at the same time.
B )
A cable modem or DSL modem
C )
A connection to the Internet

When an Internet connection is required, your system automatically searches for nearby wireless access points. After your system has connected to an access point one time, it will automatically connect to the access point in the future.

Connecting via a mobile network (only on 3G/Wi-Fi models)

Setting up your system to use a mobile network is done during initial setup of your system. It can also be done later by selecting the (Network Operator) icon on the home screen.
When an Internet connection is required and no saved access points are found, the Wi-Fi Settings screen appears. Select (Close) in the upper left of the screen to close the dialog box and to connect your system to the Internet using the mobile network.

  • You can configure your system to connect to the Internet using a mobile network without displaying the Wi-Fi settings screen when there are no saved access points nearby. Select (Settings) > [Start] > [Network] > [Wi-Fi Settings] and remove the checkmark from the [Display Wi-Fi Settings Automatically] checkbox.
  • The (Network Operator) icon on the home screen might differ, depending on the model of your system.

Disabling all wireless network features

When you are on an airplane or in a hospital or other location where using devices that emit radio waves is prohibited, select (Settings) > [Start], and then select the [Flight Mode] checkbox to set a checkmark.

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