Group Messaging Exchanging messages

  • To use this feature, you must be signed up for Sony Entertainment Network on your PS Vita system.
  • You will need to obtain the online ID for a player to be able to send a message. Ask the player to whom you want to send a message to give you their online ID.

Sending messages

Tap the group that you want to send a message to.
The messages that have been exchanged within the group appear.
Tap the text-entry field to write your message, and then tap [Send].

Attaching files

You can attach and send an image from (Photos). Tap (Attach File), and then tap the image you want to send.

  • Tap (Attachment) to check or delete an attachment.
  • You can only attach one file at a time.
  • You cannot attach files of sizes 1 MB and larger.
  • Attached files are not sent to PS3™ systems. Only the messages are sent.

Receiving messages

To check for and receive new messages, tap (Refresh) on the screen that lists message exchanges. When new messages arrive, (New Message Indicator) appears next to new messages and next to message exchanges that have new messages.

Tap the group for the message that you want to view.
Tap the message.
The message appears and you can read the full text of the message.
If an invitation to join a game, or an item or other add-on data item from a game is received, tap it to play the game. If you do not own the game, the page where you can purchase the game in (PS Store) appears. Also, some types of attached graphic files, such as screenshots from games, allow you to search for related information in PlayStation®Store.
  • At most the latest 200 messages can be received.
  • On the screen that lists messages, tap (Options) > [Settings] > [Receive Automatically] to change the interval for receiving messages. If you set this to [Off], you will only receive messages when you tap (Refresh).
  • You cannot receive messages from a player on your block list.
  • Tap (Options) > [Grief Report] to report inappropriate messages.
  • When the use of chat features is disallowed under (Settings) > [Start] > [PlayStation®Network] > [Sub Account Management], a user who is a sub account holder might receive a party invitation, but the user cannot join the party.

Deleting messages

Tap (Options) > [Delete] on the screen that lists messages.
Tap to set checkmarks in the checkboxes of the messages you want to delete, and then tap [Delete].

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