Settings Sub Account Management

This menu item is only available when your PS Vita system is signed in using a master account that has one or more associated sub accounts. You can view and modify the usage restrictions for each sub account. You can perform these actions on a device that a parent's or guardian's master account is linked with, or on a computer or smartphone.

While signed in to PlayStation™Network, select [PlayStation™Network] > [Sub Account Management].
Select the sub account whose settings you want to verify or change.

Items that can be reviewed or modified

  • Chat/User-Generated Media
    The parent or guardian can set the level of chat access in PlayStation™Network. By selecting [Do Not Allow], the parent or guardian can disallow the use of the features shown below.
    • Joining (Party)
    • Sending and receiving (Messages with other players) in (Messages)
    • Joining chat sessions in games
    • Using activity features
  • PlayStation®Store Content Restriction
    Normally, PlayStation®Store does not display content items that are not suitable for the age of the account owner. When this item is displayed, you can disable this limitation and show all the content items by selecting the checkbox to remove the checkmark.
  • Spending Limit (Monthly)
    Use this feature to set the maximum monthly spending limit for PlayStation®Store.
  • Change Password for this Sub Account

The items that can be reviewed or modified vary depending on the country or region and the type of account. Contact customer support in your country or region for details.

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