Music Listening to music

Select and play songs by filtering them through categories, such as connected device, artist, and album.

Music list screen. Labeled A and B starting from the top.

A )
(Index Bar)/ (Search)
Touch and hold (Index Bar) to display the index bar, and then drag up or down on the index bar to find the category or track that you are looking for.
To find content on a connected device, you can perform a keyword search for a category or track by selecting (Search) from the list of categories on the device.
B )
The song that is currently playing or was most recently listened to.
Select the thumbnail to display the song playback screen.

Select a song to listen to it. The song playback screen appears:

Music playback screen. Labeled A and B starting from the top.

A )
Progress bar
Tap the desired location on the progress bar, or drag the knob to that location.
B )
(Previous)/ (Play)/ (Pause)/ (Next)/ (Equalizer)/ (Shuffle)/ (Repeat)
Select the icons to control playback of a song.
Touch and hold (Previous) and (Next) to fast rewind and fast forward.
  • You can also adjust the volume and perform operations such as (Play)/ (Pause) from the quick menu that appears when you press and hold the PS button.
  • When listening to music on a connected device, you cannot use the (Shuffle) feature.
  • If you select (Back), or press the PS button or the power button while listening to music that is stored on a connected device, the music will stop. When listening to music, you cannot display any lists or the LiveArea™ screen.

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