Settings Internet Connection Test

You can test your internet connection and display the results.

Name* The connection name of the Internet connection currently being used
SSID* The SSID of the access point
Obtain IP Address Whether or not an IP address has been obtained
Internet Connection Whether or not an Internet connection has been established
PlayStation™Network Sign-In Whether or not you have been able to sign in to PlayStation™Network
NAT Type How the connection is made from your system to the Internet
This works as a way to gauge the connectivity with other PS Vita systems when using functionality such as a game's communication features.
Type 1: Connected directly to the Internet
Type 2: Connected to the Internet via a router
Type 3: Connected to the Internet via a router
With Type 3, communication with other PS Vita systems and PS TV systems may be impossible or the game communication features may be limited. Refer to “When you cannot connect to PlayStation™Network” for more details.
Connection Speed (download) The connection speed with which information on the Internet can be downloaded on your system (estimated speed)
Connection Speed (upload) The connection speed with which data on your system can be uploaded to the Internet (estimated speed)
Only when connected via Wi-Fi
  • When the Internet connection test fails, follow the on-screen instructions to check the settings. Also consult any documentation provided by your Internet service provider or mobile network operator and the manuals for the network equipment being used.
  • To perform an Internet connection test for a specific Wi-Fi access point, select [Network] >[Wi-Fi Settings], select the access point that you want to test, and then select [Internet Connection Test].

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