Settings Wi-Fi Settings

You can adjust the various Wi-Fi connection settings.


To disable the Wi-Fi feature, select the checkbox to remove the checkmark.

For details about the use of the Wi-Fi feature when flight mode is on, see "Flight Mode".

Access Points

Saved access points and access points that have been found will be displayed. Once a connection has been established with an access point, the system will automatically connect to it the next time Wi-Fi is used.
You can perform a connection test and adjust advanced settings by selecting a saved access point.

Access Points screen. Labeled A through D starting from the top.

A )
Searching for access point
B )
When displayed, the security has been set for the access point. To connect the access point, you must enter the WEP or WPA key set on the access point.
C )
Signal strength of the access point
Signal strength is shown in four levels, including no signal.
When there are multiple saved access points, the system connects to the access point with the strongest signal.
D )
Connection status
Connection status of saved access points.
Lit connected
Blinking connecting
Out not connected

Save Access Point Automatically

When you are using an access point that supports WPS, AOSS or Rakuraku WLAN Start®, you can save access points in just a few easy steps. In addition to these instructions, also consult the access point instruction manual.

  • When connecting using the WPS PIN method, adjust the settings by tapping [Save Access Point Manually] > [Use WPS PIN Method].
  • AOSS and Rakuraku WLAN Start® are only available in certain countries and regions.


Select [WPS].
Press the access point's WPS button.


Select [AOSS™].
Press and hold the access point's AOSS button until the AOSS indicator starts to blink.

Rakuraku WLAN Start®

Select [Rakuraku WLAN Start].
Press and hold the access point's Rakuraku Start button until the power indicator of the access point starts to blink green.
When a message is displayed on your system, press and hold the access point's Rakuraku Start button until the power indicator of the access point lights up orange.

Save Access Point Manually

In addition to these instructions, also refer to the access point instruction manual.

Enter Manually

Set up the access point by entering the setting information (SSID and WEP key or WPA key) for the access point you are using.

  • It is recommended that you use WPA-PSK or WPA2-PSK as the security method, because these security methods provide more robust encryption.
  • If you select the [Hide Password] checkbox to set a checkmark, the password that you enter appears as a series of asterisks.

Use WPS PIN Method

Select [Use WPS PIN Method].
Enter the PIN code that is displayed into the access point.

Display Wi-Fi Settings Automatically

To display the Wi-Fi settings screen automatically if you cannot connect to the saved access point, select this checkbox to set a checkmark.

Ad Hoc Mode Channel

When connecting using ad hoc mode, your system must be set to the same channel as the other devices you want to connect with.
The default setting is [Automatic]. With this setting, the system will automatically select the optimum channel.

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