Managing play time

You can see how long your children play on your PS4™ system or limit when and how long they can play. These settings apply to children who are members of your family.

Play time is the amount of time your child is logged in to your PS4™ system, even if games or applications are not running.

Setting the time zone

To check or restrict play time, you need to set a time zone for each child. Play time is reset at midnight in the time zone you set. Select (Settings) > [Parental Controls/Family Management] > [Family Management], and then follow the on-screen instructions to enter your sign-in information. Select a user from the screen that appears, and then select [Time Zone].

Checking time played

Check your child's total play time for the day.
To see information for each child, select (Settings) > [Parental Controls/Family Management] > [Family Management].

Children can see how much play time they have on the following screens.

  • Login screen
  • Upper right of the home screen
  • Quick menu
  • (Settings) > [Parental Controls/Family Management] > [Playtime for Today]

Restricting play time

Select (Settings) > [Parental Controls/Family Management], and then choose restrictions you want to apply to that user.

Available restrictions Explanation
Change Playtime for Today Extend or shorten your child’s play time on the day they play.
Playtime Settings Select [Restrict] to set when and how long your child is allowed to play each day.
  • When Playtime Ends
    When the set play time ends, a pop-up notification appears repeatedly on the screen to let your child know that they're out of play time. The PS4™ system can also automatically log your child out when play time ends. The default setting is [Notify Only].
  • Duration and Playable Hours
    You can set the same play times for every day, or set specific restrictions for each day of the week.