Login Settings

These settings let you choose how to log in to your PS4™ system. Select (Settings) > [Login Settings].

Log In to PS4 Automatically

To set up your PS4™ system to log you in automatically, select the checkbox for this setting. When there are multiple users registered, your PS4™ system will automatically log in the last user to enable this setting. When you want to log in as another user, you'll need to first log out as the current user.

Enable Face Recognition

With a PlayStation®Camera, you can log in to your PS4™ system using previously added face data. To enable this feature, select the checkbox for this setting. When you turn on your system, it recognises your face and automatically logs you in.

Face Data Management

Select this setting to register, update, or delete your face data.

  • When adding face data or logging in to the system by using face data, follow these guidelines.
    • Brighten your room.
    • Reduce backlighting (the brightness behind you).
    • If the light from the windows is too strong, close the curtains and use interior lighting.
    • Move about 2 m (6 ft) away from the PlayStation®Camera.
    • Arrange your hair so that it does not come in contact with your eyebrows.
    • Peel off the protective film from the lenses.
    • If the lenses are dirty or have fingerprints on them, clean them with a soft cloth.
  • If the camera cannot correctly recognise your face, select [Add Face Data], and then add your face data again.

Login Passcode Management

To prevent others from using your login, you’ll need to register a passcode. Each user on your system can have a unique passcode. You can also change or delete passcodes. After you register a passcode for a user, you must enter the passcode when logging in to your PS4™ system as that user.

  • This setting is available after you've signed in to PlayStation™Network once.
  • This passcode (system restriction passcode) is not the same as the passcode used for parental control.

User Management

Create or delete users.


  • When you delete a user, data managed by that user on your PS4™ system is also deleted. This includes user-managed data such as saved data, screenshots, and video clips.
  • Do not turn off your PS4™ system while deleting a user. If you do, you might damage the system.
  • A child who is restricted by parental controls might not be able to create a new user.