Using parental controls

Parents and guardians can set parental controls on the system to limit the ability of children and teenagers to use system features.

What the parent or guardian can do How to set limitations
  • Allow or disallow starting of (Browser), (PS Store), or (Email)
  • Allow or disallow the use of location data
  • Allow or disallow the use of games and videos
  • Restrict the duration that your child plays per day
  • Block objectionable sites
Adjust settings under (Parental Controls) > [Start]. For details, see "Parental Controls".
  • Allow or disallow the use of PlayStation™Network communication features, such as chat
  • Allow or disallow content from PlayStation®Store based on the age of the account holder*1
  • Limit the maximum amount of funds that can be spent at PlayStation®Store per month*1

You can adjust usage restrictions for sub account holders*2. You can adjust settings only on a device that a parent's or guardian's master account is linked with, or on a computer or smartphone.

  • Adjust using your system
    Make adjustments under (Settings) > [Start] > [PlayStation™Network] > [Sub Account Management]. For details, see "Sub Account Management".
  • Adjust using a computer or smartphone
    Sign in to the following website, and then make adjustments under [Account] > [Sub Account].
  • To make adjustments from a different device, refer to the user's guide for that device.

PlayStation®Store is only available in certain countries and regions and in certain languages. Also, the types of content and services offered by PlayStation®Store vary by country and region. Contact customer support in your country or region for details.
You can also create Sony Entertainment Network sub accounts for users under a certain age. These should be used under supervision of the master account holder. For details, see "Creating an account".

Irrespective of the settings described above, some features might not be available, based on the age of the user of the account.

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