Creating an account

This feature is not available for some models sold in specific countries and regions.

You can sign up for a Sony Entertainment Network account from your system.
To use an account on your system that you created previously on a different device, see "Using an existing account" or "Linking an account via a PS3™ system".

About accounts

  • An account can be created for free.
  • Only 1 account can be linked on your system.
    To change the account linked to your system, you must initialise the system under (Settings) > [Start] > [Format] > [Restore This System].
  • You can also use an account created on a PS TV system, PS3™ system, PS4™ system, computer, or smartphone.
    If you already have an account, it is recommended that you use the same account. Depending on the feature, it might be necessary to use the same account with different devices. This is necessary when you want to link your system with other devices, such as a PS TV system, PS3™ system, or PS4™ system.

Types of accounts

There are two types of accounts–master accounts and sub accounts.

  • Master account
    A master account is the standard account. Users of a certain age or older can create master accounts. A master account holder can also create sub accounts and set the conditions for their use.
  • Sub account
    A sub account is for users under a certain age, Sub accounts are used under the supervision of a master account holder. For example, the master account wallet is used to purchase paid content. A master account is needed to create a sub account.
  • The requirements for using master accounts and sub accounts differ depending on the country or region. For details, consult the website for your region.
  • To create a sub account, visit the following website:
  • When creating a sub account, depending on the age of the user, an email message is sent to the email address of the master account holder. The master account holder must complete account registration on a computer or smartphone, following the instructions in the email message.
  • You can upgrade a sub account to a master account when the sub account user becomes old enough to create a master account. You can upgrade accounts from a PS4™ system, computer, or smartphone.

Information you provide when creating an account

When signing up for an account, you must enter personal information for the person registering the account, including an email address, date of birth, name and address. Consult the website for your region for information about how this personal information is handled.

Signing up

Perform this procedure in a location where you can connect your system to the Internet.

Select (Settings) > [Start] > [PlayStation™Network] > [Sign Up].
If you are already signed up on your system, [Sign Up] does not appear.
Select [Create a New Account] and follow the screens.
Your sign-in ID and password are saved on your system.
  • You remain signed in to PlayStation™Network unless, for example, you sign out manually. This gives you easier access to the online features.
  • If your system cannot connect to a network, then your system might sign you out.

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