Options menu     

If you press the triangle button with an icon selected, the options menu will be displayed. From the options menu you can view information, delete a channel or perform other operations. Options that are displayed vary depending on the selected icon.

Save Multiple Select multiple channels and saves items within those channels on Memory Stick™ media
Set Timer Save items daily according to the set time
Import Import a channel that was saved in a file
Save Save items on Memory Stick™ media
Play Start playback of the selected item
Display Display an image
Slideshow Display images automatically, one at a time
Item Save Settings
  • Select either [Memory Stick™] or [System Storage] as the save destination for the items.  
  • Set the number of items to be saved.
Open Website * Open the link to a Web site included in a channel in your channel list
Delete Delete channels from Memory Stick™ media
Information Display information about the selected icon

If this option is not displayed, select the channel, either play or download an item and then open the options menu again.