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This application is not available for some models sold in specific countries and regions.

Use the Maps application to know where you are, and to search for locations and directions.
When location data is needed in the Maps application for the first time, a dialog appears asking you whether you want to allow the use of location data in the Maps application. To enable the use of location data, select [Yes]. To enable the use of location data in the Maps application later, select (Settings) > [Start] > [Location Data] to adjust the setting.

Tap the screen to show or hide the search box and controls such as (Display Current Location) and (Options).

A )
(Search for Location)/ (Search for Directions)
Select this icon to switch between search types.
B )
Search box
C )
(Show List)/ (Hide List)
Select this icon to show or hide a list of search results.
D )
(User Flag)
This flag is placed at a desired location.
E )
(Location Flag)
This flag is displayed when you search for a location.
F )
(Current Location)
G )
(Bookmarked Location)
H )
(Adjust the Electronic Compass)
This icon is displayed when the electronic compass must be adjusted. Select the icon to adjust the compass.
I )
Information box
When you select a flag, your current location, or (Bookmarked Location), information for that location is displayed.
Select (Information) to display detailed information about the location.
J )
(Display Current Location)
Select this icon to display the current location in the center of a map.

Viewing a map

Flick or drag the screen to view the desired location.
The area around the spot you double tap is enlarged. You can also zoom in by pinching the screen out or zoom out by pinching the screen in.

Controlling with the buttons on your system

Move to the desired location Move the left stick up, down, left or right
Zoom in/Zoom out Move the right stick up or down

To use this feature, you must select the (Settings) > [Start] > [System] > [Control with Buttons on PS Vita System] checkbox to set a checkmark to enable the setting.

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