Messages Creating messages

In (Messages) the first step is to create a group of people to exchange messages with.

  • To use this feature, you must be signed up for Sony Entertainment Network on your system.
  • You can send a message to a group of 1 to 99 users.
  • You can exchange messages with users who are using PS4™ systems and PS3™ systems. Messages sent from PS3™ systems are identified by the message "Sent from a PS3™ system".
Select (Messages) > [Start] to go to the screen for creating a new message.
Select (Create Message).
Select [Add Recipient].
Follow the screens to select the person you want to send the message.
When a group with more than three people is created, the number of people included in the group is displayed next to (Group).
  • To send a message to multiple people by selecting recipients from [Shared Play History], repeat step 3.
  • Before sending a message, get the online IDs of the intended recipients to enter their online IDs.
  • To include someone in a group who is not yet a friend, select that person's avatar to display his or her profile screen, from which you can send a friend request.
When you have finished choosing recipients, select [OK].
Select in the [Create Message] text-entry field to enter your message, and then select [Send].
Your message is sent to the members of the group.
  • Messages are limited to 512 characters.
  • A maximum of the latest 30 groups are displayed on the screen that lists groups.
  • You can also add members to an existing group. Select (Options) > [Add Recipient] from the message screen.

Attaching files

You can take photos with the camera, and then attach and send images from (Photos). Select (Attach a file), and then select the image you want to send.

  • Select (Attached file) to check or delete an attachment.
  • You can only attach one file at a time.
  • You cannot attach files of sizes 1 MB and larger.
  • The attached file can only be sent and received between players on other PS Vita systems, PS Vita TV systems, PS4™ systems, and players using smartphones or other devices with PlayStation®App installed. Attachments are not sent to PS3™ systems; only the message is sent.

Sending messages to the group you have created

Select the group that you want to send a message to.
The messages that have been exchanged within the group appear.
Select the text-entry field to write your message, and then select [Send].

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