PS Store Using the screens

A )
Switching between the types of stores
Select to switch between the Game Store and Video Store.
B )
Select to search for content.
C )
Content lists
These are lists of content that you can download (as a purchase or for free). You can switch between the lists using the tabs at the top of a list.

Select an item in a list to display detailed information about the item.

A )
Buy Now, Download, Get Now, or Rent Now
The buttons present vary depending on whether the content is for purchase or free.
B )
C )
Purchased content is listed.
Purchased content that can be purchased again
Purchased content that cannot be purchased again
You can download content on the download list without purchasing the content again.
D )
Report as Inappropriate Content
If you consider your purchased content as inappropriate, you can report it as inappropriate. Select [Report as Inappropriate Content], and then select a reason and send a report on the screen that appears.

You cannot report content as inappropriate in the Game Store and Video Store.

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