Adjusting settings for the Internet browser     


Select [Settings] under [Tools] from the menu bar, and then press the ecks button.


Adjust or enter settings information as necessary, select [OK], and then press the ecks button.
For details, refer to the explanation of each item.

Home Page Settings

You can set a page to be displayed at Internet browser start-up, or when [Home] is selected from the menu bar.

Address Sets the address entered as the home page
Use Blank Page Sets a blank page as the home page
Use Current Page Sets the currently displayed page as the home page

View Settings

You can set conditions on how page content is displayed when a page is opened.

Images On: Images are displayed.

Off: Images are not displayed.
Animation On: Animations are displayed.

Off: Animations are not displayed.
JavaScript On: JavaScript is enabled.

Off: JavaScript is not enabled.
Flash On: Flash® content is displayed.

Off: Flash® content is not displayed.
Conserve Memory On: Reduce the amount of memory used when Web pages are displayed.

Off: Use the normal amount of memory to display Web pages.


Connection Settings

You can set the method for selecting the connection to be used when connecting to the Internet.

Auto-Select The most recently used connection is selected automatically.
Select Manually A connection is selected manually each time the Internet browser is started.

Proxy Server Settings

You can enter setting information for a proxy server.

Use Settings for Each Connection Defer to infrastructure mode connection settings saved on the PSP™ system.
Use Use a proxy server

You will need to complete the Address and Port Number fields.
Do Not Use Do not use a proxy server.


Contact your Internet service provider or network administrator for the address and port number of the proxy server.

Cookie Settings

You can set the way cookies are handled.

Allow All Always allow cookies.
Block All Always block cookies.
Prompt for Confirmation Ask whether to allow or block each time a cookie is requested.

Cache Settings

You can set the size for cache memory.

Do Not Use Do not use cache.
512 KB Save cache up to 512 KB.
1024 KB Save cache up to 1024 KB.
2048 KB Save cache up to 2048 KB.


If the specified size is exceeded, files will automatically be deleted, starting with the oldest.

Discontinue Browser Security

Discontinue use of the Web filtering service in use.
To adjust this setting, you must enter the 4-digit password.

Default settings

View Settings Images: On

Animation: On

JavaScript: On

Flash: Off

Conserve Memory: Off
Connection Settings Auto-Select
Proxy Server Settings Use Settings for Each Connection
Cookie Settings Allow All
Cache Settings 512 KB