Playing videos on discs

Insert the disc, and then select the content from the content area. The first time you play a disc, you must enable the disc playback feature over the Internet.

Supported disc formats

  • Blu-ray Disc
    • BD-ROM*1
    • BD-R/RE (BDAV, BDMV)
  • DVD
    • DVD-ROM
    • DVD-R/RW*2 (video mode, VR mode*3)
    • DVD+R/RW*2
Hybrid discs are supported.
AVCHD is supported.
CPRM is supported.
  • Playback of the following types of discs is not supported.
    • CD
    • BD-RE ver.1.0
    • BD-R/RE XL
    • DVDs that have not been finalized
  • Do not use the following discs. If you do, the system may be damaged.
    • 8 cm discs
    • Non-circular discs, such as discs in the shape of a card, star, or heart
    • Discs that are cracked or deformed, or discs that have been repaired
  • A DualDisc features one side that conforms to the DVD standard, and another side with audio only. The audio-only side cannot be played on the PS4™ system.
  • For continuous playback of copyright-protected BDs, the encryption key for AACS (Advanced Access Content System) may need to be renewed. To renew the key, you must update the system software.
  • Some discs may not be playable due to scratches, dust, the quality of recording, or the characteristics of the recording device.
  • In rare instances, DVDs, BDs and other media may not operate properly when played on the PS4™ system. This is primarily due to variations in the manufacturing process or encoding of the software.