Photos Viewing photos and videos

Select and view content by filtering it through categories, such as connected device, month created, and camera images (those taken with the PS Vita).

Gallery screen. Labeled A and B starting from the top.

A )
(Shooting Mode)
Select the icon to switch to shooting mode.
B )
Content list
The (Video) and (Panoramic photo) icons are displayed on videos and panoramic photos, respectively.

Videos copied to your system from a connected device can be played.* With the content list of the connected device displayed, select (Options) > [Copy].

Limited to types of files that can be played on your system.

Select a thumbnail to display the image on the full screen.
Controls such as the operation buttons are hidden automatically after a few seconds. Tap the screen again to display the controls.

Photo operation buttons. Labeled A.

A )
(Delete)/ (Slideshow)/ (Panorama)/ (Back)/ (Next)
Select these buttons to perform these operations.
In the controls for a video, (Panoramic photo) is not displayed. A progress bar and (Play)/ (Pause) are displayed instead.

Viewing a panoramic photo

While a panoramic photo is displayed, select (Panoramic photo), and then move your system left and right or tilt it back and forward.

The directional buttons and left stick can also be used to perform operations.

Zooming in and out

When viewing an image or video, double tap the screen to zoom in. The area around the spot you double tap is enlarged. Double tap the screen again to zoom out and return the image or video to its original size.
You can also zoom in by pinching the screen out and zoom out by pinching the screen in.

  • When you have zoomed in to view part of an image or video, drag the screen to change the part of the image or video you are viewing.
  • You can zoom in and out while the video is playing.

Changing slideshow settings

You can change the style and speed of slideshows.
View any content, and then select (Options) > [Settings] > [Slideshow Style] or [Slideshow Speed].

You can adjust settings so that the screen automatically rotates.

When this feature is enabled, the screen automatically rotates when you change the orientation of your system, such as when viewing photos. To stop the screen from rotating, view any image or video, and then select (Options) > [Settings] > [Rotate Screen Automatically] to remove the checkmark.

Controlling with the buttons on your system

Back/Next Press the Left button or Right button
Zoom in/Zoom out Move the right stick up and down
Play/Pause Press the Cross button
You can use this for slideshows or videos.
  • For operations controlled by the directional buttons, you can use the left stick instead.
  • To enable operation with some buttons, you must select (Settings) > [Start] > [System] > [Control with Buttons on PS Vita System] to set a checkmark.

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